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Sticky Post

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Sep 17, 2009 - Sep 29, 2009

xf_pornbattle is having its third event
Under a Juniper Tree by aloysiavirgata [PG, gen, Emily arc]
It Works by hazel_eyes_86 [PG, MSR, drabble]
Her Father's Eyes by hazel_eyes_86 [PG, MSR, drabble]
Truth and Life part 1, 2, and 3 by namarie24 [PG-13, WIP, MSR, "Life" crossover]
Embrace the Suck and Mulder Luck by danadoggett [PG-13, DSR, M&K?, AU, humor]

xf_book_club is discussing "Moment of Inertia" by Pteropod
For crack_van recs during our hiatus: x-files tag
xfiles Discussion: Who is more interesting to you, Mulder or Scully?
xfiles Discussion: What did you want to see more of on TXF?
Synchrony meta by littlegreen42 at trustno1_redux

Alison Groves is posting behind the scenes stills, many of them previously unreleased
My Weakness by siriusdenial_ [fanmix/picspam, Paper Hearts, MSR]
Behind the Faces by forgethetime [picspam, S1]

+ DD made the talk show circuit: Regis & Kelly, Jimmy Kimmel, Tavis Smiley, Bonnie Hunt, Jimmy Fallon
+ GA was at the Age of Stupid premiere: pictures, video
+ GA and Frank Spotnitz will attend a charity event in LA: details on attending
+ GA has been cast in Moby Dick

foxescatado's Fugues Fiction Archive is a great resource and has been updated with a working search function
wendelah1 offers advice on how to archive fic currently on Geocities, which will shut down in October

- - -

Why, yes, we have been on hiatus for nine months. I'm willing to do a summary post for that gap, but it would have to be on a voluntary basis - you comment and link me your fic/vid/fanmix, its title and tags, and I'll put it on a new easy-to-access summary post. There's no way for me to go through and find stuff that's older than two weeks old, so it's up to you! But there's been fantastic stuff posted since January, and it'd be nice to have it in one place.

Jan 5th - 18th, 2009

- FIC -
NOTE: xf_santa stories not posted individually. Read them here.
If You Are to Ask by simplytoopretty [Scully-centric, s1, PG]
Compass by seemag [MSR, post-Truth, IWTB, PG-13]
The Ineffable Aura of Planet Spooky by sixpences [MSR, R]
All That Once Was Good by maidenjedi [post-series AU, Willfic, PG-13]
Make Me Forget by icedteainthebag [Scully/Reyes, s9, R]
Long Since by mack_the_spoon [IWTB, Skinner POV, PG]
Four Letter Words by vegawriters [MSR, NC-17]
Smoke by phishy [Scully/CSM, MSR, PG-13]
fairer than the fairest maiden by phishy [MSR, PG-13]
Want, Hope, Pray by spooky_xphile [IWTB, Scully, PG]
31 days of drabble by memories_child [various]
A Dull Rumour of Some Other War by hankmoodyblues [MSR, post-IWTB, colonization, PG-13]

xf_book_club is discussing Waiting for Agent Right, by Kel
anythingbutgrey recced to crack_van: Five Things that Never Happened to Dana Scully, by threeguesses

thelittlespy reviewed Tithonus
boredatwork1 reviewed Nisei in trustno1_redux

XF RPF & issues by wendelah1

Maps by lupinotuum [fanvid, MSR]
To Build a Home by requiemx87 [fanvid, IWTB, MSR]
Knights of Cydonia by teapotasshat [fanvid, gen]
Love Story by hopelessly_lazy [fanvid, MSR]
Reasons by shadowheartless [fanvid, MSR]
Too Good To Be by teapotasshat [fanvid, MSR, cancerarc]
Gillian Anderson Tribute by gladiole [fanvid, GA]

The Lonely Life of a UFO Researcher by pinkpunkkitty [fanmix, MSR, Mulder POV]
David/Gillian headers by hopelessly_lazy

Scully Picspam One and Two by tree
Scully Picspam by southoffebruary
Mulder's Hair Picspam by yendrie

- NEWS -
xfiles Media News: DD at the Golden Globes
DD at the Golden Globes + Jay Leno, Jan 12th - pictures and video by leucocrystal
IWTB nominated for a Razzie

Mistakes? Omissions? Let me know!

Dec 23, 2008 - Jan 4, 2008

- FIC -
30+ stories at xf_santa
Tell It Slant by rivkat (sequel to Deny Nothing) [M/S UST?, S/K|NC-17]
One is Silver by emily_shore [M/S friendship|PG]
The Schizophrenic Critique of Pure Reason in Beckett's Early Novels by emily_shore [RPF|G]
Mind the Gap by downstreet [RPF|G]
there is a lady, whose name is Afterwards by ofadoration [MSR, Scully/Other|BSG crossover|R]
Impossible Delilah by aloysiavirgata [post-"Bad Blood"|MSR|humor|PG-13]
Without Speaking, Confess by sixpences [MSR|R]
Don't Fight the Future by innercirclegal ["FtF" deleted scene|MSR|NC-17]
The Dirt Floor by vegawriters ["The Truth"|MSR|NC-17]
Lucky by vegawriters [pre-"IWTB"|MSR|NC-17]
Military Training by vegawriters [Sk/K|NC-17]
beauty in the breakdown by chandlerina [MSR|IWTB|PG]
Untitled WIP by memories_child ["FtF" deleted scene|MSR|AU|12]
Evergreen by mack_the_spoon [pre-IWTB|MSR|PG]

xf_drabble finished up the holiday prompt and is on indefinite hiatus.

xf_book_club discussed Roman a Clef and A Midnight Clear by Syntax6 and Collapsar by Khyber
anythingbutgrey posted a rec to crack_van:
- a weatherman to know which way the wind blows by zauberer_sirin
lolita_parker was looking for Altered Perceptions by Orithain (M/K)
maco_x was looking for an XF/Queer As Folk crossover
pinbot72 was looking for Legacy by Dr Ruthless (M/K)
miss_pryss was looking for How to Throw a Curveball by Courtney Gray (M/K)
papertelevision is looking for a WWII AU
sagejackson was looking for several M/K stories

xf_rewatch recapped I Want to Believe

brooklynmili contributed meta on control and disability in The Walk for trustno1_redux

IWTB Screencaps by awakencordy
HD IWTB Screencaps by phoenixothon
David Duchovny picspam by leucocrystal
I Turn to You by anniemarie75 [fanvid|MSR]
Please Remember by anniemarie75 [fanvid|MSR]
Declaration by another_myself [fanvid|MSR]
'One Is Silver' illustration by scooly42 [fanart]
leucocrystal recced her favorite fanvids of 08, including several XF recs

Sorry for the delay!

Mistakes? Omissions? Want something unlisted? Let me know!

December 15th-December 22nd

trasdockan wrote The Fairy-Files: All I want for X-mas" [MSR|PG|Humour]
huffle_the_puff wrote To Burn [Ed Jerse/Scully, MS UST|NC17|NA]
suchreverie wrote The Durability-Tested Bathroom Stall of the Darryl Zanuck Theater [MSR|NC17|HAD]
valz1013 wrote Don't Speak [MSR|R|IWTB]
xf_drabble is writing Holiday (of any kind!) drabbles

Fic Searches, Discussions and Recs
alternatekeys was looking for and found an 1950's AU and a Christmas Wiliam fic

xf_rewatch will be viewing IWTB on December 30th
trustno1_redux is looking for fanworks for The Walk
trustno1_redux posted the 2Shy recap

anniemarie75 posted Tribute to Alex Krycek and His Alter Egos a Krycek vid.
mscreations posted 2 IWTB collages

David has been nominated for both a Golden Globe AND a SAG award!

Did we miss anything? Do you have a community or journal for us to follow? Please leave a comment!

December 1st - December 14th

innisfree wrote A Star Like a White City part 6 [MSR|NC17|Post Series|AU]
namarie24 wrote All is Bright [MSR|PG|Post Series] and Intermission [MSR|PG13|PostIWTB]
verruka wrote Star [UST|PG|CancerArc]
sixpences wrote Morse Code [MSR|PG13|Post Series]
xfirefly9x wrote Nothing Quite Like It [DRR|PG]
sweetjamielee wrote Pilot Redux [MSR|NC17|Pilot]
vegawriters wrote Promises [MSR|R|S8] and The End of Her World [MSR|R]
danadoggett wrote Rohrer, Reyes and Comer Interview [PG13|FRVS Verse]

Fic Searches, Discussions and Recs
xf_book_club is reading Miracle and Mystery by Tesla
vorblessing is looking for fics that deal with Krycek's Russian heritage

trustno1_redux is looking for fanworks for 2Shy
thelittlespy reviewed Fight the Future Part One and Part Two

amalnahurriyeh wrote Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose Meta for trustno1_redux
tahie recapped Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose for trustno1_redux

another_myself posted Love Is, a multifandom vid and So Close, a MSR vid.
nodazzle posted a Christmas wallpaper
rchelsea2005 posted various headers
mscreations posted IWTB Screencaps
bu_doodlebug posted The Beginning is the End and the End is the Beginning, a look at the monsters and madness of the show
leucocrystal posted an Anasazi/TBW/PC picspam
The 2008 X Files Advent Calendar is up!

Reports from a Q&A with Frank Spotnitz
A new interview with David, touching on the DVD and a possible XF3

We apologise for the missing weeks. This time of year is hard on everyone's timetables and both your editors are students! I've gone back as far as LJ would let me and we'll try harder not to fall so far behind again. As always, please leave any missing links in the comments or let us know if you have a journal we should be checking!

November 17th-23rd

suchreverie wrote The Weighted Wind [MSR|NC17|Per Manum]
hummingfly67 wrote Swizzle Stick and Lime [MSR|NC17|S7]
xfirefly9x wrote Guardian Angel [MSR|PG13]
ovumture wrote No Accident of Birth [MSR|R]
valamagic wrote In A Moment [MSR|R|All Things], Silk [MSR|PG] and Weidergeburt [MSR|PG13|The Truth/IWTB]
aloysiavirgata wrote By Falling In and In [MSR|R|DeadAlive|AU after DA]
verruka wrote White [UST|G|Arcadia] and Club [UST|PG13|OB]
danadoggett wrote Brad and Marita Interview [Marita Covarrubias and Brad Follmer|PG13]
jlfromnyc wrote Ghosts [MSR|R|S8, S9]
xf_drabble is writing about Music and the various XF scores and soundtracks

Fic Recs, Discussion and Searches
threeguesses posted recs to crack_van: The Keeping of Secrets
xf_book_club is reading The Beginner's Guide to Tight Rope Walking by Kel

trustno1_redux is looking for fanworks for D.P.O.
trustno1_redux posted Paper Clip recap
boredatwork1 posted Paper Clip meta in trustno1_redux.
xf_rewatch discussed Sunshine Days and The Truth 1 and 2

another_myself posted The Greatest Story an IWTB vid.
mapsfortheblind posted an X Files mood theme

xfiles Discussion: What is your opinion of GenderBender?

An interview with Frank Spotnitz IWTB Spoilers
Another interview with Frank! XF3 Talk

Happy 11/21!
kerryaod is wondering who else is seeing GA in Dollhouse

Did we miss anything? Have something else to tell us? Comment!

Nov 11th - 16th

- FIC -
The Keeping of Secrets by amalnahurriyeh [Scully, 3 POV, MSR, PG-13]
Mulder & Krycek Interview by danadoggett
xf_drabble is writing about the Seven Virtues

xf_rewatch recapped Release, William, and Jump the Shark
thelittlespy recapped Folie a Deux
trustno1_redux recapped The Blessing Way

xfiles Discussion: Various MSR questions

Still Breathing by hopelessly_lazy [fanvid, AU, Scully POV]
Death Came and Got Me by not_as_we [fanvid, AU, MSR]
Hello by octoberaine [fanvid, Scully]

xf_santa is taking sign ups!

Did I miss anything? Let me know.

Newsletter will be late

Hi everyone

School has taken over myself and frey_at_last again. It was my turn at bat this week and it's just not going to happen tonight. phile_files will go up tomorrow night, as early as I can manage. Thank you for your understanding!

Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2008

- FIC -
Beating the Darkness Back parts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 by anjoufic [MSR, post-IWTB, R]
Diers Anonymous by namarie24 [post-IWTB, crossover, PG]
October Air by christine_leigh [MSR, post-series, G]
Windmills (1/2) by rollsofrice [MSR, S4, PG]
Visitation Rights (3/3) by ninamazing [MSR, post-Orison, R]
Respite (Detour) by kaydeefalls [MSR, post-series, crossover, PG-13]

xf_drabbles theme: Season Two titles

threeguesses posted recs to crack_van:
- Telephones by Cucumberspy
xf_book_club is discussing October Skies by Oracle
fiftyeighthours was looking for a Skinner/Krycek story
neoliz18 was looking for an MSR story where Mulder is undercover

xf_rewatch reviewed Hellbound, Provenance, Providence
thelittlespy reviewed Bad Blood

IWTB discussion and picspam by leucocrystal
xfiles Discussions: Halloween events - Scariest XF Episode? -

IWTB Junkets Collection from frey_at_last
At the Edge of the Ocean by amorfati1013 [fanvid, MSR]
Home Again by megaul [fanvid, MSR, IWTB]
Gorgeous by elephantem [fanvid, DRR]
Deep and Dying Breaths by amorfati1013 [fanvid, MSR]
Weight of the World by anascully [fanvid, "The Truth"]
Lay Me Down by audirox [fanvid, "TFWID"]
NIHT and The Truth picspams by easilyunwind

- NEWS -
Annabeth Gish welcomes a son

- ETC -
XFN FanFilm Project