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Phile Files

The X-files Fandom Newsletter

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Phile Files is a fandom newsletter devoted to The X-Files. At the moment it is being rebuilt. If you are friended by phile_files_rl and would like to allow your X-Files posts to be added to the newsletter, please friend this journal back.

This newsletter will provide weekly links to fanfic, fanvids, fanart, news, meta, media reviews and information, and off-LJ links.

Please leave a comment on the contact post if you:
a) would like us to add your journal to our reading list so we can include your material in our updates
b) would like us to remove a link to your journal or entry
c) have a link to an interesting X-Files related discussion or news post that we missed, or have any other information that you'd like to see in the newsletter
d) would like to complain about something or other

Spoilers: We will do our best to label all spoilers in art, fic and other posts. This will be updated further when we get things going.